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Alicia Keys And Her No Makeup Movement

We all know Alicia Keys as a multi-Grammy award winning artist with a career that withstood more than a decade of time. Aside from her beautiful voice, Keys is also known for being a philanthropist and she is not afraid to use her Hollywood status to draw the world’s attention on charitable things and causes. And just this year, the songstress has once again acquired the public’s eye by starting a movement that aims to promote contentment, self empowerment and self acceptance among women.

It all started last May when Alicia Keys penned a powerful essay to Lenny Letter explaining the struggle women have to go through in order to have a certain look. And with that, Keys vowed that she will stop wearing makeup and start the long process of learning how to accept and love every part of her perfectly imperfect self. Many readers and critics first thought that she’s not going to do it. But Alicia surprised them all when she showed up at the 2016 MTV Music Video Awards a few weeks ago not wearing any makeup at all. Keys arrived at the event with her hair tied above her head, fully revealing her new look to the world.

But of course, her cause was met with mixed reactions after social media doubters trolls took to the internet just to judge her new look. Some said she looked so different while others criticized her for being anti-makeup. But even if the movement caused split reactions from people, it still acquired the buzz it needed to be talked about. After her recent performance on the Today Show, Alicia Keys was able to convince the hosts of how empowering it is to not feel the need to hide who you are under any sort of cover.

Tamron Hall, one of Today’s hosts and Key’s recent movement recruit, said being makeup free in front of the world made her feel empowered, confident and honestly beautiful. Some of the other artists who joined her movement are Bella Thorne and Halle Berry.