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Black Models Rule Gucci’s Upcoming 2017 Pre-Fall Campaign Teaser

Since the issue of diversity is still going on in the Fashion World, most people have been used to seeing predominantly white models as stars of every magazine and runway shows. But recently, one powerhouse brand veered in a different direction by doing an obvious first for the company. Gucci, one of the biggest fashion houses in the world, has recently teased their pre-fall 2017 campaign by uploading audition videos that only showed models of color.

A representative for Gucci recently revealed that the series of Instagram posts are the only clues they will ever tell regarding questions about the speculated upcoming all-black pre-fall 2017 fashion campaign. That move, if true, will be a first for the company. According to The Cut, the people in the said audition videos are from Midland Agency. This particular group is known for hiring people who are ordinary looking and are stereotyped breakers to the concept of beauty in the fashion world. They’ve also worked with other renowned names such as Junya Watanabe and Eckhaus Latta.

Each video showed the models answering questions about their spirit animals and what having a soul mean to them. After that, they were asked to dance to Duke Brown’s ‘Crying Over You’.  Most fashion watchers expected a violent reaction from people everywhere due to Kanye’s “Multicultural women only” comment during the auditions for his fourth Yeezy show, but that did not happen with this one.

One very pleased Twitter user commented on how surprisingly the move is for Gucci given the number of white models they’ve worked with. Fashionista.com’s Maura Brannigan said that if Gucci is trying to make a bold and very positive move against the issue of diversity, especially among powerhouse brands then they will support the cause. All nine audition videos can be watched straight from Gucci’s Instagram page.