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Colourpop’s Newest Crystal Crush Collection Is Finally Out

Colourpop’s Newest Crystal Crush Collection Is Finally Out

Over the past several years, Colourpop has managed to establish a reputation of keeping things new and exciting with their makeup products.  Aside from having an affordable price, Colourpop’s makeup pieces have also been lauded by beauty fanatics everywhere for being toxic free. Though the company may have held back on their new collection and collaboration releases lately, they finally returned and presented something that can rule the market again.  And that’s because just a few days ago, their highly anticipated Crystal Crush collection has officially hit the market.

Last Friday, the renowned makeup company released the Crystal Crush collection, which contains a bunch of firsts for them. After getting inspiration from the latest crystal makeup Instagram trend, Colourpop’s newest line contains actual crystal in their products. Crystal Crush is a 4-piece collection containing the company’s first ever attempt at setting spray, priming spray, lip balm and highlighter.  It has four different types of stones that were specifically chosen for the things they can make the user feel. These four kinds of crystal are Adventurine, Rose-Quartz, Aquamarine and Amethyst.

According to the brand itself, Adventurine can enhance the strength and wisdom, Adventurine on the other hand can bring its wearer good luck, Rose Quartz can bring love and Amethyst can evoke calmness. The Crystal Crush Collection can be bought for $18 dollars, but you can buy each piece individually for a price range $5 to $9 dollars.

Aside from their crystal-infused collection, Colourpop also released their first ever nail polish line.  The fantasy-inspired polish collection comes in six different shades. And they are Be Fairy Afraid, I Wand It That Way, Pixie-lated, Dusted Dream, First-wings first and One Wish, Two Wish. These pastel-colored nail polishes can be bought for a small price of $6 dollars per bottle. Both collections have been made available at Colourpop’s website since July 7, 2017.