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Mistakes We All Make Painting Your Nails

Think you have it down to a science, think again. Here are a few need to knows:


With the help of a good polish remover and few cotton balls, be sure to to give them a good cleaning. You want all that dirt and grime gone as well as the polish so be vigilante. Even use acetone if you like, it will get the job done that much quicker.

Base Coat:

If you have a bottom layer or coat, it will make it that much easier for the main polish to take. The base will most likely be a tad sticky, thus furthering the success of this “scientific process.”


Keep Your Nails Safe:

Just be careful with the finished product. Wear gloves when doing chores, and try not to bang them up everywhere you go.

The Process:

Don’t rush, even if you think you’re a pro. Try using 2 even mainly narrow strokes, starting with the middle then following that with the sides. Wait around 2:00, then begin coat number 2, again, don’t rush!!