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Toenail Cutting 101

I’ve tried them all, and hands down the Convex nail clipper is the way to go.

It seems like a daunting task at times, the dreaded toenail clipper challenge. No one wants a hangnail, or any uncomfortable rugged edges bothering your other toes. A lot of people surprisingly use the same clipper for both hands and feet, this is a big no no. You need a clipper specifically designed for the outline of your toes.

The best I’ve found is the Convex nail clipper. Looking more like scissors it actually works wonderfully it getting, in and under the nail, resulting in the perfect cut. It has a very sharp inner edge so please be careful, but I assure you it works great.

Convex also makes a more lever based clipper, sometimes good to have on hand because they would normally include other nifty devices such as pointed type or “nippers” to help with the after cut.

If you opt for a high end convex clipper I’m pretty sure you won’t be disappointed. Safe and effective.