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Costume-Less Halloween Fashion Ideas

It’s that time of the year again! Halloween is once again here. It’s that wonderful and frightful time of the year where we get to enjoy a couple of scares and munch on some sweet horror-themed treats that will not only satisfy our monster fix, but will also fill up our stomachs Aside from that, it’s also the occasion where people can basically dress as anyone. From the traditional ghost and monster costumes to modern yet satirical trends such as the Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton masks, it’s more than obvious that people are taking much time needed to plan what would they would look. However, there are people who aren’t actually big fans of donning horrifying costumes. But it really doesn’t mean that if you’re not into putting on costumes, you can no longer participate in the Halloween celebration. Believe it or not, there are other alternatives that can still give you the Halloween vibe without having to compromise your personal style. And on that note, here they are.

  • Wear Novelty and Horror-theme graphic shirts – one of the simplest ways to partake in the Halloween celebration is to put on a novelty shirt that has scary graphics or scary statements. For best results, black shirts would be most efficient.
  • Black Pullovers – Another great way to be all Halloween-ish and stylish at the same time is to put on your favorite black pullover. Partner it with other Halloween themed accessories and you’ll surely be a killer.
  • LBD – Halloween is also a great excuse for you to wear your favorite little black dress. Aside from evoking mysterious vibes it is also very sexy. For best results? Choose one that has silky components to it.
  • Go Gothic – Wearing gothic clothing is definitely an in during this season. Time to wear those black rock band Merch shirts and leather cuffs.
  • Accessories – No attire would be complete without finishing it with a Halloween themed accessory. Black chokers, lacy scarves and animal masks will add more scary touch to your already fashionable look.