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Eyeshadow Basics

Every make-up amateur wants to bring out the best look of their eyeshadow. With a lot of colorful palette and brushes to be used, it can be a lot stressful when you don’t know what to do with them. There has always been fast, easy and fundamentals when you choose to apply an eye shadow.

Eyeshadow styles:

The application needs a precise look. Know the type of eye shadow you desire before putting it on. The shading needs to work with your mode and must go with different techniques. You can choose almond eyes, upturned eyes, deep-set eyes, hooded eyes, and a lot more.

The basic brush:

Basic thing to learn is the type of brush to use. You will have to learn what all of the brushed are for. This can become more complicated when you don’t know how to use either one of them. Those are made for certain procedure such as sweeping the highlighter for the large shadow brush, packing on the pigment on the precision shadow brush, the blending brush that creates a wonderful color combination, the blending tip brush that strikes the smokey eye features, and the angled liner brush that tightens the water line of the eye.

The eyeshadow formula:

There are essential formulas that you can choose from. There is the Soft Matte color that is easy to use due to its components that can easily blend, making it more reflective in application aside from not being too messy. The metallic eyeshadow is known for its sophisticated look. The application is good for those women who prefer a solid, single-color coverage around the eye. Then there’s the loose eyeshadows that have been popular these days. The shimmering palette mixed with the most vibrant color pigments can catch all the attention. However, it requires too much effort for it is a bit tricky and messy to apply.

Don’t forget the primer!