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The In and Out Fashion Trend of 2017

The year 2017 has been considered one of the best years for the fashion industry. From designer clothes to ordinary t-shirts, everything eventually evolved. How would you know which of these out of style fashion trends need to be tossed out? Here is the list of IN and OUT style for 2017.

  • IN: Sneakers – It will always be popular. Its versatility gives you the comfort you need without compromising your overall outfit. You can also have reasons to buy multiple styles if you want.

OUT: Peep-Toe Cork Wedges – This type of wedge has to say goodbye from your wardrobe. Aside from the uncomfortable feeling of hurting your toe and making it visible for people to notice, this style did not meet the basic need for comfort.


  • IN: High-Waist Buttoned Skinny Jeans – Aside from the elasticity of skinny jeans, women love it for its on-the-go style. It gives an emphasis on the lower body by flattening some of the belly fats and making your legs look longer.

OUT: Low-Waist Gartered leggings – This is not the kind of skinny jeans we used to love. We’re talking about those stretchy, pocketless elastic-waist types of jeans instead. It has all the worst parts of jeans and leggings, in one unflattering garment.


  • IN: Flats – Women nowadays are more focused on practicality and comfort. Flats allow them to move confidently and give women few worries for tripping off. People are investing value in both style and comfort creating an increase in demand for this type of shoe.
  • OUT: 4 to 5 inches Heels – Heels add a more sophisticated look in an outfit. Except that, women are no longer fond of hurting their feet just to look good. This shoe might give you the physical attributes you wanted to achieve, but it will never understand the need of comfort you deserve.


  • IN: Mix and match – Styling your wardrobe doesn’t mean you have to stick with the usual style of clothing. 2017 brings a lot of immersing fashion trends from tank tops to ripped jeans so mixing and matching your outfit is absolutely hassle free.

OUT: One color clothing combination – The elegance of one-color style is captivating. However, this year promises a lot of fashion look than being stuck around the usual.