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Forever 21 Comes Under Fire For Nazi Shirt

Things are not looking good for the world famous fashion retail store because after 2 claims of copying designs from other designers, they are now under scrutiny for shirt designs of their own. The judgment has been too harsh that in fact, Forever 21 recently pulled out a whole line of shirts after two shoppers suggested they had Nazi design.

A couple of days ago, two female shoppers namely Stella Lopez and Amie Alton were shopping in the Modesto, California branch of Forever 21 when they stumbled upon a shirt called the ‘Famous Graphic Tee’. At first glance, any other shopper might not notice anything wrong, but these two ladies certainly did.

One of the biggest reasons for the scrutiny is the ‘88’ symbol splattered all over the shirt. According to Alton and the Anti-Defamation League, it is a Nazi-code that can be translated to ‘HH’ which means ‘ Heil Hitler’. Aside from that, the letters ‘SS’ written over the shirt is also said to have a Nazi reference. It means Schutzstaffel which can be translated to ‘Protection Squadron’ in English. This group is the feared military organization associated with Hitler during the Third Reich.

In an interview they gave to Fox News, both Alton and Lopez said that they took it upon themselves to take down the shirts from the rack. They returned it to the store personnel at the time and explained what they thought the symbols meant. The personnel took the shirts and did not display them since. However, it was replaced by a male hooded jacket with ‘Forever 88’ printed on it, which again caused a public outcry.  The company has already responded to the issue, saying that they already pulled out the whole line of clothes from their stores and websites and then apologized to anyone who’s been offended by it.