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Giorgio Armani

He is bar none one of Italy’s most successful fashion moguls, and it all began with Giorgio Armani working at a department store as a window dresser. He went on to eventually launch his company that is now synonymous with fashion back in 1975. When Richard Gere wore the designers suits for his role in the acclaimed film American Gigolo, it seemed almost as though the Armani brand was born overnight. The soft shoulder was his swan song. Introduced in the 80’s on his famed suits, it added comfort with some style, and gave his suits that “modern” look. You would be hard pressed to find someone not familiar with the Armani name, with the likes of many famed faces looking to the brand for their suits and gowns to walk the red carpet. The Armani moniker extends far beyond clothing now, being seen in hotels, on perfume bottles, watches, and more.