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What Do Guys Know About Beauty Products?

Most guys are not really keen in knowing a lot of information about the makeup scene, that’s why it is understandable that they are basically clueless when asked about it. And that’s exactly what happened last Tuesday when makeup video blogger, Selena Faye, caused a massive confusion among the male population by asking her female followers to send a picture of the BeautyBlender towards their boyfriends or male friends before asking them to define it.

Some called it a makeup thingy or a makeup brush while others went for even more hilarious answers. One Twitter user sent a screenshot showing what her male friend answered, and he guessed it was a tampon. While another guy said that it looked like the nose of a clone. Another one was pretty convinced that it was nothing more than a pink egg.

The weirdest answers ranged from the nose of Bert from Sesame Street up to a sex toy. But not all guys failed hard at the guessing game because some actually caught it right. One proud girlfriend happily replied a screenshot showing a correct answer from her boyfriend. Another girl did the same, but it was followed by him telling her that he watches makeup videos whenever he is bored.

The product in question is being widely used by women everywhere, but due to the fact that men are not that interested in what goes on in their female acquaintances or girlfriends’ faces, they ended up being confused and that started a massive amount of entertainment for their female loved ones.

The tweet has since gone viral and amused female twitter users everywhere are still using it to make fun of their male friends or boyfriends. Beauty Blender can be bought online starting at $16.30 and it comes in different colors.