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H&M Unleashes First Ever Unisex Denim Line

Gender issues have remained to be one of the most debated topics in the world of fashion. Whether it’s inequality, double standards, barriers or walls, the fashion scene can’t just seem to ignore gender labels and manufacture products that everyone will feel comfortable wearing. But thankfully, after years of discussion one brand finally got the hint. Because just a few days ago, fashion giant H&M has announced that they’re going to release their first ever unisex denim line. And do you know the best part? It will be up for sale before this month ends.

Named “Denim United”, the collection will be made up on jeans, denim button-down shirts, denim jackets, denim jumpers/overalls, shorts and denim with stripe patterns. Comprised of 19 different pieces, this unisex collection will be up for sale on March 23, 2017. The collection aims to totally blur the line between what a woman and a man can wear. It is not the first time that fashion houses opted to go down the unisex route, but it is the first for retail stores that  provide clothes that can actually be worn by all people regardless of their gender.

Denim United certainly plays with shapes and silhouettes, providing just the right amount of neutral styling that will deflect any masculinity or femininity concerns that may erupt from the customers. The clothing pieces were made out of pretty sturdy materials such as organic and recycled cotton.

According to a statement by Marybeth Schmitt, spokesperson of H& M, due to the fact that fashion is almost always evolving and that it has blurred the boundaries on what men and women can wear many times, the company felt that it’s just natural for them to make a unisex collection that can cater for what their customers need. She later on added that fashion should always be inclusive.