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File Your Nails Without The Use Of A Nail File

No one likes to break or puncture a nail. It’s annoying and can even be dangerous. But if it happens and there isn’t a nail file to be found, not to worry, I’ve got you covered.

Tell me if this sounds familiar? Your on the road on business, staying at a nice hotel, maybe having a drink in the lobby, when snap…there goes a nail tip. You are convinced you had a file in your oversized purse but as you frantically search through it it’s nowhere to be found. This always seems to happen when we’re out and about. The quick solution, head back to your room and into the shower (yes you heard be correctly). You’d never think it but the grout that’s securing those shower tiles can make an excellent file. Take the broken nail and carefully rub it along the shower tiles grout line and you will be pleasantly surprised at the smoothness afterwards. Best of all the shower should always be clean so no fear of infection

Broke a nail at work? No worries, try using the underbelly of your desk to file it back down, works wonders. Marble or stone walls also work.

What it comes down to is common sense, think of your surroundings and what would make a good file. Just don’t embarrass yourself or use anywhere or anything unsanitary. Or you could of course just not forget your nail file when you leave the house!!