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How To Protect Your Bright Colored Hair

Over the past couple of years, hair dyeing has evolved from being a fashion remedy into a tool that anyone can use to establish their fashion statement and style. Since then, the options have become endless and people are no longer using it just to fix hair discoloration or make their gray hair look younger. Fashionistas here and there are using it to change their whole look and even show off their personalities.  One of the most recent trends in the hair color world are the bright and pastel shades that first saw the light through the blogger site Tumblr.

Hair color that is of pastel shades quickly captured the hearts of people regardless of the country that they’re in. I must admit, having these unusual hair colors can be really fun. And since the debut of bright hair colors, people started applying it using different techniques and styles. Some of the most notable ones are ombre, under lights and the most recent trend, rainbow hair.

If you’re considering dyeing your hair in a bright color, please know that it can take you an entire day to finish.  What a hassle right? That’s why it’s important to take care of it as much as you can. Speaking of taking care, here are some of the things you can do to make that pastel color last longer.

First, you have to go to a pro – getting your hair pastel colored is no easy thing to do. It’s better to contact a pro and have it done correctly than a DIY that will leave you feeling sorry.

Second, use the correct product – shady hair coloring products can damage your hair. That’s why it’s important to make sure that the one you’re going to use is effective, safe and will not compromise your hair in the long run.

Third, use appropriate shampoo – using shampoo right away after you dyed your hair can cause some colors to fade. Sticking to dry shampoo for at least a week might actually do you good.

And fourth, avoid Swimming – Yes folks! The chlorine in the water can actually damage your hair and its color. So it’s better to stay away from the pool for a while or up until the hair color can fully sets in.