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How To Use Dry Shampoo Safely

Are you someone so busy you have little to no time for yourself? That every morning you’re barely able to shampoo and clean your hair because you’re already running out of time? Well, if you are then I’m pretty sure you’re very familiar with dry shampoo. Seriously, who hasn’t tried it yet? It’s fast, simple and effective. But just recently, this product drew flak from social media users after a story about hair falling out due to dry shampoo surfaced.

True or not, it is important to remember the correct way in applying dry shampoo. Because come on, it already saved you a lot of time and doing it properly is the least you can do to avoid any sort of unwanted results. Here are some of the things you should remember in using dry shampoo for your hair.

Spray that hair – Before you use the dry shampoo it is important to first spray your hair in order for the product to be distributed evenly. It is IMPORTANT to keep in mind that you should start spraying at the part where the dry shampoo won’t directly touch your scalp. In other words, start spraying a few inches from your actual hair line.

Don’t Use Too Much – If you’re someone with greasy hair, a nice amount of dry shampoo can leave you feeling nothing else but freshness. But be careful, using too much of the product on your hair can actually damage it and may cause discoloration and dullness.

Keep It Even – Now this one is definitely simple. You don’t want all the goodness to get soaked all in all in just one part right? Keep in mind that applying the dry shampoo evenly is important in order for you to get the best results for your hair.

Make Sure It’s Right For You – You might be thinking that all dry shampoo does give you the effects of what a normal shampoo without having to wet your hair right? Well, you’re wrong. Dr Shampoos also comes in different colors. It’s important to match your hair with the color of the product. You don’t want to end up with discoloration or dandruff-looking shampoo sediments on your hair right?