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How Tracksuit Found Its Way Back In The Closets Of Today’s Hottest Stars

Earlier this year, the world saw the return of a 90’s staple accessory – the choker. The neck bling in fact has gotten so big, it was partnered with almost every outfit that was presented in both New York and Paris fashion weeks. And now, another 90’s fashion statement is making a huge comeback – the Tracksuit. Previously donned by famous icon Sporty Spice of the spice girls and basically every single gym coach out there, the Tracksuit provides a proper balance between being athletic and stylish.

Over the past couple of months, various stars of today’s generation have been photographed wearing the 90’s staple outfit. From model/actresses Cara Delevigne and Margo Robbie up to the Hadid sisters and even Paris Hilton, they’ve all done it and tweaked the normal Tracksuit outfit and gave it the 2016 flair.

According to James Hill, a stylist and Cofounder of GOOD CMPANY, Tracksuit sweaters can be considered as the denim for the upper body. He said Tracksuit tops can be used in both high fashion and gym meetings. He even added that people sometimes use it even for fashion show events. He also added that although donning a Tracksuit at a wrong season is basically fashion rejection, since famous people have started it there should be no wonder why everyone suddenly decided to follow the trend.

Gigi Hadid for example, gave the Tracksuit comeback a slight twist by pulling her sweat pants down to show her Tommy Hilfilger underwear. Her sister on the other hand took it a notch up and hit the perfect balance between casual, athletic and high fashion by wearing a crop top, sunglasses, choker and also pulling her sweat pants down to reveal the G-string she’s wearing.

A Tracksuit outfit looks stylish and comfortable. However, Hill also warned that not everyone can pull the nostalgic look and they should first think about it thoroughly.