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Indonesian Fashion: Presented Globally

Indonesian fashion has become the talk of the town recently after it launched its first fashion show in New York featuring Muslin headscarves. It was combined with glittering attire that shows a very modest outfit that the New York Fashion Week (NYFW) is rooting for.

The 30 year old fashion designer, Anniesa Hasibuan, has gained a lot of compliments from the last fashion week show that brought the Islamic sense of style in the western country. She definitely deserves the attention by creating a wonderful combination of Hijab with trousers, tunics, gowns, and ever kimono. It was all in colorful patterns and style.

In line with that, the recent prestigious annual event gave her the chance to inspire a lot of fashion artists to simply modify the trend and level up a little bit with the use of Hijab. The Islamic fashion is celebrating together with her success to hand over the value of its culture, especially in a western environment calling it a “modesty movement” in the worlds’ fashion sense.

The show received a standing ovation due to its relevance to the representation of the multi-cultural shift in our today’s society that break down old beliefs and misconception about how fashion was supposed to be. It aims to prove that fashion is worth an upgrade and needs to style it up in some ways.

However, there are some Muslim people who criticized the designer’s innovation by simply stating that it was just used to draw attention. Part of the Islamic culture questioned her sense of style since some of her critics are against the improper wearing of the Hijab. They implied that what she did was out of bounds and it is totally against the Muslim traditions due to the attention it has gained all over the world.

“Controversy is everywhere and I am faced it here in Indonesia and all over the world, but I try to stay positive.” She stated when she was asked in an interview about the reaction of her critics. Nonetheless, Aniesa still showed her perseverance and is still determine to pursue what she already started.