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Katy Perry Partners With CoverGirl 

There’s no doubt that Katy Perry is one of the most influential people of this generation. Aside from being a popular singer with hit songs that can go on for days, she constantly slays with her great fashion sense and personal style. Not only that, Katy Perry is also known for nailing every single red carpet look she had in recent years. She always looks perfect. There has been a great news for those Katy Perry fans and it has been taking the media by storm. Katy just recently announced in her twitter account that she and the famous makeup brand Covergirl have paired up to release a new lipstick line.

Katy Perry, who is also a business mogul due to her set of very successful fragrances released a line of matte lipsticks that comes in 11 colors and shades. The collection, which is simply named “Katy Cat” is said to be very marketable since there’s something for everybody and its retail amount, although it’s indicated that prices may vary, only stands at around $7.99.

The line is made up of a wide range of colors; from pastel-inspired ones such as Pink Paws and Magenta Minx up to bolder choices such as Perry Panther and Cosmo Kitty. When asked about her inspiration for her products, Katy credited Tumblr and then explained that people these days are very open to experimenting with different shades of lipsticks that they do not usually wear.

Katy Cat quickly received rave reviews from customers and fan that bought the products. A review article from glamour.com even showed 11 different women from different walks of life trying her lipsticks on, and all of them loved it.

The line has been so successful that just a few days ago, Katy announced a new addition through her twitter account. Cleverly titled “Tame Tiger”, this new addition to its pride is said to be of bronze and metallic shade which is the first one of its kind in the collection. So there is no need to wait and it is time to Katy-fy yourself.