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Louis Vuitton’s New Fragrance Line

Louis Vuitton’s New Fragrance Line Is Here and It’s A Religious Experience

I’m pretty sure that all of us, at some point, have wished to have a Louis Vuitton bag dangling in our arms and make us happy for the rest of our lives.  Do you feel guilty? You shouldn’t be. For the past couple of years or so, Louis Vuitton creations have been on the top of our wish lists every birthday or Christmas. There’s something about their classic design and elegant looks that we can’t just get enough of. But the thing is, the look matches the price, that’s why not everyone can afford it. But still, that did not stop us from wishing to have a little bit of LV in our lives right?

And just recently, Louis Vuitton released another line that is heart attack worthy, I’m not even kidding. No, it’s not a new collection of bags, shoes or jackets.  Believe or not, the famous French Fashion house has released a line of luxury fragrances.

The special collection, which is named “Les Parfums Louis Vuitton”, is consisted of seven different and very luxurious scents that came straight from LV’s resident perfumer, Jacques Cavallier Belletrud. The fragrances that he made are said to be so good, you’ll do a moment of appreciation once you smell them. The seven heavenly scents that are included in the collection are:  Turbulences, Contre Moi, Rose de Vents, Dans la Peau, Mille Feux, Matière Noire, and Apogée. The perfumes are meant to take its wearer into a journey towards a faraway aromatic place.

The bottles are just as elegant as the perfume itself. Designed by Marc Newson, this new collection lives up to the elegance of Louis Vuitton that we all love.