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Most From Your Manicures

Nail polish isn’t getting any cheaper ladies (and some gents) so lets not waste it!

If society can ever figure out how to make  manicures last just as long as pedicures do the world would be a better place. But since we use our hands constantly, and they are for the most part constantly exposed, that just ain’t going to happen. So we need to reach deep into our bag of tricks and get the most out of that nail color were rocking and loving! With all of the wear and tare and our hands daily, if you opt for a poor manicure you are asking for trouble. So a very basic, common sense tip to follow, pay a little extra for a better manicure.

Secondly, wear a good pair of cleaning gloves. When your running around the house, cooking, cleaning, your hands and more importantly your nails are touching all sorts of things, they need to stay protected if you want to protect that manicure. If you don’t then it won’t matter how much money you dished out..doing dishes without gloves will ruin your manicure!

Third, try to follow a healthy nail care regime, don’t cheap out here either please.

Fourth, do not back the polish on. I know it can be tempting at times, but the more yo have the more that can peel, and with that your nail’s lifespan decreases.

Fifth, always file in the same direction. Don’t switch from an up and down motion to a left and right. Pick one and stick with it.

Finally,  watch out for the types of hand sanitizer you use. A cheap dollar store brand drenched in alcohol will be sure to dry out your nails.