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Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

They went from childhood actors into global fashion icons building a billion dollar empire. Despite having no formal design education, the 25-year-old twins now sit over a vast fashion empire and have transitioned into style icons themselves.

The Olsens’ first huge clothing label hit Walmart stores before they were even teenagers. Years later, Ashley found her perfect T-shirt, The Row (tribute to London’s Savile Row), which is a massive hit among professional women. Together, they later launched Elizabeth and James, a more hip, modern line, followed by Olsenboye, their more affordable collection. Olsenboye can be found at JCPenney and Stylemint.

While briefly attending New York University, the Olsen twins came into their own with the know known “boho chic” look. This look seemingly mixes bot high and low end fashion, combined with chunky jewelry and of course those “oversized” sunglasses. The haters refer to it as “homeless chic,” but the vast majority love the look .

They’ve come a long way from Full House, and apparently were even too big to reprise their roles on the “Fuller House” reboot. Don’t forget your roots girls.