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Mayhem At Louis Vuitton X Supreme Pop-up Shop

After the recent success of their collaboration with Fragment, Louis Vuitton has officially released their second collaboration project this year. Since it was first unveiled in Paris’s fashion week last January, the Louis Vuitton x Supreme collection line has been one of the most highly-anticipated fashion releases of 2017.  Finally, after six months of waiting, the series of pop-up shops featuring the collection have been opened. And it literally caused mayhem among customers.

A couple of days ago, different pop-up shops on various locations in the U.S. and other parts of the Globe have officially opened for business. The 65-piece collaboration between the high-end fashion brand and the renowned street wear house has quickly captured the public’s attention quickly. With stars like Justin Bieber, 2Chainz and Madonna all sporting the popular collaboration, people’s desire to buy it have greatly intensified.

In fact, a few days ago, a Louis Vuitton X Supreme pop-up shop had to close down because of an uncontrollable crowd. According to a report, a 4:30 am call was made to the Los Angeles Police Department regarding a group of large group of people gathering near the store. One predicted cause of the large crowd was the buyers never had proper information on what time the store will open so they just piled up in front of it to wait. In a statement by Lee Esten, one of the customers who were on the scene, at least 500 people lined up. But since the amount was too massive to control, people kept moving around and it all went chaotic.

LAPD officers arrived at the scene to put the crowd back in place. They left without making any arrests after the customers lined up properly and stayed put. A representative of the shop on the other hand said that due to the incident with the large group of buyers, they have decided to shut down and remain closed indefinitely.