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Nail Aesthetician – Should You Become One?

Is there enough money to be made in the ever expanding world of nail Aestheticians? Most people in the business these days seem to be returning to school to learn about other aspects of the beauty business.

Keep in mind most clients these days are environment aware and won’t want to pay for the use of cheap chemicals, they may go as far as to ask to see the label. More money on product usage translates to less if any profit for the nail aesthetician.

Customers pay an average now of around one hundred dollars for an hour of beauty treatments. This can include everything  from a full bikini wax, eyebrow and eyelash treatments, even a manicure and pedicure may be tossed into the mix. This should take about an hour, hour and a half tops for a trained professional.  So for a client to spend a decent amount of money on just their nails, you better be great at what you do, or you will never see them again. Keep in mind if that’s the only service you are offering, sadly, you’re about a dime a dozen.

So in closing, I recommend that if you want to enter the world of beauty maintenance, unless you truly have a gift or nail art form that can not be copied, broaden your horizons to all fields of beauty, not just the tips of your fingers and your toes.