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The Balm’s Appétit Eyeshadow Palette

Now that summer is over and you no longer have to wipe the sweat off of your face every five minutes or so, it’s time to put that beloved makeup of yours again. Eye shadow to be exact is surely one of the makeup’s that will have the greatest comebacks now that the weather is much cooler.   And here to make sure that it will happen is The Balm and their recently released Eyeshadow Palette.

The Balm cosmetics that we all love just released an eye-pleasing collection of shimmering eyeshadows that will surely bring joy to the hearts of women everywhere. But unlike all the palette collections that have been released in recent time, this one stands out for a very different reason, it’s cute packaging.

The product’s packaging still coincides with the brand’s vintage aesthetic. But what makes it more adorable are the embellishments and clever designs that were included in the package. One of them is an “Eat ur heart out” transparent cutout on the cover that can be used in order to see the eyeshadow shades underneath. Aside from that, the clever food names they used for the shades are gaining much loved attention from their customers. With names like “Mac Encheese”, “Ray Sinbread”, “Rocky Road – Icecream” and “Chris P. Bacon”, this collection won’t just give you your eyeshadow fix, but also make you hungry. The Balm Appétit indeed!

The company which has always been known for their unique makeup packaging released the collection consisting of nine different shades. With a combination of classic and new colors, there will surely be something that would capture your taste. From tones of pink and brown up to gray and black, you’ll surely have something you can use in all possible occasions. The Balm Appétit Eyeshadow Palette just became available to the public last Sept 16 and can be bought at the price of $39.50.