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The Dominating Colors Of The Golden Globes

The 74th annual awards of the Golden Globe has taken the internet by storm. The red carpet was full of amazing and wonderful celebrities with their stunning dresses. And in this season, they have been focused on using a bold color that matches the season’s key look. These women had represented their beauty in a most fashionable ways.

The eye-catching baby pink carnation – Artists Katty Perry, Emma Stone, Lily Collins, Sofia Vergara, Carrie Underwoods, Felicity Jones, Amber Heard, Zoe Saldana and more, went to the GG with their pink dresses. An emblem of real beauty with a touch of femininity. Many of the guests of the Golden Globe went on a fairy tale themed outfit and pulled it off like a princess with their pale nude, sweet and bright pink dresses.

The glamourous yellow gold dress – Most loved artists such as Jennefer Lopez, Natalie Portman, America Ferrera, Lola Kirke, Viola Davis, Priyanka Chopra, Reese Witherspoon, Maisie Williams,  shined on the night of the event with the yellow dress that fitted their body. Even though Emily Ratajkoski had suffered from a wardrobe malfunction, she still pulled it off with her dropping skinny yellow dress made by Ralph Lauren.

The all time favorite plunging black dress- Aside from actress/ singer Mandy Moore, Amy Adams, Kristen Bell, Balke Lively, Teresa Palmer, Jessica Biel, has a very detailed gown which took everyone by surprise. Rachelle Bloom, The all time favorite black color never let these beautiful ladies down. Everyone looks stylish and classy as always with their long black gown.

With regards to embellished dress, Actresses such as Brie Larson, Zendaya, Christine Evangelista, structured gown proved a hit with its ethereal dream style. While Naomi Harris, Ruth Negga, Nicole Kidman, Drew Barrymore, Regina King, stayed on the silver side of the Golden Globe fashion.