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The Jenners Get Stuck In An Elevator During NY Fashion Week

Kylie and Kendall Jenner were recently stuck in an elevator in New York City during Fashion Week. Hailey Baldwin and Jordyn Wood were with Kylie and Kendall when the elevator malfunctioned. The whole scenario was recorded in Snapchat with videos and photos them being scared and hoping to be rescued faster. Photos and videos of Kylie, Kendall and friends being stranded inside circulated really fast in the internet. Kendall Jenner said that it never occurred to her that this will happen and that she is genuinely terrified, but she doesn’t look that way.

They were quite calm during the incident and were chatting while waiting for rescue. After the firemen arrived, they quickly took action and had their equipments ready to open up the closed elevator. It was around 7:40 when firemen arrived on the scene. After almost an hour of being trapped, the firemen had rescued them safely. They were happy the moment that firefighters had opened the door. After that, they took pictures with their saviors and had it posted in snap chat again. Kylie quoted that her worst nightmare had just happened and glad that it was over.

This drama is really timely because the same thing happened to Selena Gomez during this year’s “Paris Fashion Week” a few months ago. It won’t be strange for people to think that this incident was staged for publicity. This circumstance was quite is odd because elevators used for events similar to these are frequently checked for inconsistencies. The chance of this happening in such a place is really low but not impossible. It is currently unknown if the Jenner sisters with Baldwin and Jordyn will take legal actions regarding the incident despite of being unharmed.