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The Kim Kardashian Style

Kim Kardashian has made a noise in the fashion world this week. She has been seen wearing her necklace in a see-through turtle neck and people come to describe it as her street-like look. The reality TV, queen has always been the talk of the town due to her sense of fashion that catches a lot of attention.

The projected body figure of Kim Kardashian is best fitted with high wasted pants. This emphasizes the curvy body she is making her look pleasantly sexy. She sometimes loves to look more simple yet elegant in style.

Even though Kim has made a “Not safe for work” attitude on her style of clothing, she managed to get that alluring look of putting up the best combination of her outfits that guarantee her a spotlight. Here is the Kim Kardashian Style that you might need to follow

The leggings are one of her favorites. It emphasizes her tights and makes her leg look longer. Aside from that, Kim loves the soft texture and fabrics that makes her more comfortable to wear.

She can be elegant in the well tailored black blazer that she partnered with almost everything. She wore it with jeans, skirt, and shorts, yet still making it look classy. It adds up a sophisticated look with a mixed sense of fashion.

It will never be a Kimmy style without the huge and wide belt on her waist. Kim loves to wear belts because it emphasizes her figure, giving her a sexier look even on a simple attire. She loves to partner it with her dashing bohemian or slit skirt.

Kim will not be Kim without the heels. She loves wearing the 5 inch heels that adds her height. It helps her make look leaner and taller. Also, it makes it more sophisticated when she uses her selected compilation of heels.