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The New NYX Lipstick Vault

There must be something in the lips … – Lipstick collections are taking the whole world by storm. From Urban Decay’s Vice offering to Tom ford’s Lips and Boys, the recent lipstick vault releases have caused panic among lipstick lovers everywhere. But it looks like the stars aligned up in the sky and saved the best for last. Because a brand that is so familiar to all of us just released a lipstick vault that delivers major slayage for days!

NYX, a brand that we’ve all come to know and love because of their quality products and cheap price has recently released a new collection of liquid suede cream lipsticks that can literally be carried anywhere. Wait up! Before you leave this page and go purchase some, please know that they are already sold out just a few hours after they got released days ago. But why the long face? There’s no need to worry honey because NYX just confirmed that they will be restocking their supplies and return to the market as soon as possible. But in case you don’t believe me and that you still have doubts whether this new NYX lipstick vault is major or not, I listed down some of the things that you can look forward to or might even persuade you into buying such an amazing product.

They are very affordable and are of miniature size – Unlike some lipstick collections that stands at around $120, the NYX lipstick vault can be yours for the price of $50. Another important thing to remember is that each piece is very small you can literally fit them in your pocket and they wouldn’t even make a huge bulge.

There’s something for everybody – With 24 pieces every box, the NYX lipstick vault contains almost every color you can think of. From shades like Kitten Heels and Little Denim Dress to Amethyst and Pink Lust, this collection will surely allow you to indulge and try new shades you’ve never even tried before. Unfortunately, they’re sold out at the moment. But it’s still important to keep an eye out for them, you don’t want a gem like this to pass, don’t you?