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Tips On Wearing High Heels All Day Without The Pain

Are you a fashionista? Are you a stiletto lover? Can’t you go on a day of living your life without doing it in heels?  Well if you are then I’m pretty sure you know how hard it is to walk in such a prominent fashion piece. Walking in heels is never easy, it’s not like you’ll just get used to it in minutes. And even people who’ve worn heels for years are sometimes still having a hard time walking in them. Why? Because regardless of how much you’re already used to high heels, it will still hurt your feet.  Luckily, you’re in the right page because I’m going to tell you some of the tricks all the pain and leave you with nothing but joyful heels experience.

Make Sure It Fits You – This is actually very important. Buying shoes that are even a half size smaller than your actual foot size can cause your feet to hurt, especially at the sides and on your fingers. And since our shoe size changes over time, it’s important to at least have your foot size checked once a year before you buy any high heeled shoes.

Buy Platform Heels – Thin soles like the ones found on stilettos can bring more pain at the bottom of your foot. Choosing Platform shoes with rubber soles can lessen the pain and give you a much better grip on your body balance.

If you’re A Beginner, Don’t Do Stilettos Yet – Yes, they can make you look sexy as hell and they can add a lot of extra height. But here is the thing, the high and pointed heels of stilettos can make you wobble while walking. Plus, they’re notorious for making the wearer’s feet hurt. Give it some time, girl.

Go On A Shoe Break – It doesn’t matter whether you’re wearing heels or plain rubber shoes. All throughout the day, you must at least once in every few hours take them off and do feet exercises to avoid muscle pain and cramps.

Buy Shoe Stretchers – this tool which you can also buy at the store can help you widen the width of your pumps, diminishing the pressure that the sides of your feet are experiencing.

Also, Shoe Inserts – these inserts are made out of silicone gel and usually go under the heel of your foot. There are known to absorb the pressure and fight soreness.