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Trendy Halloween Makeups You Should Try This Year

The season of fall is not only known as the season of pumpkin spice lattes, gray skies, chilly weather and new clothing lines, it is also known for that special celebration of all things scary in the world, Halloween. It’s that time of the year that allows us to wear and dress up as anything we basically want. However, choosing a costume can sometimes be a difficult process. I mean, with an endless option, picking just one can be very hard and daunting, right? Thankfully, there are still other ways where you can celebrate Halloween without having to put on a costume. And one of them is through the use of Halloween-themed makeup ideas that will surely elevate your Halloween look and make it even more convincing or different. And since we’re already on that topic, here are some examples.

  • Galaxy Face – Thanks to sites like Tumblr and Pinterest, galaxy-themed designs were on a steady rise over the last couple of months. And now, people have also started to pitch galaxy face as an effective Halloween makeup.
  • Melting Face – Another great way to scare some people is to do the melting face makeup. There are various video tutorials on YouTube that will teach you how to properly get gorier look.
  • Peeled-Off face – A classic yet it still works. Turn to video tutorials on how to make your face look like some monster just peeled it off and you’ll surely be the Halloween star of the year.
  • Poison Ivy – Batman fans rejoice! One of the most iconic Halloween makeup’s among women is the Poison Ivy look. Dominated by the color of green, this look will be perfect for any comic fans out there.
  • Broken Glass Face – Another recent trend that has been on a steady rise is the broken glass face makeup. Use your makeup (or turn to YouTube video tutorials) to form crack illusions all over your face. Partner it with your Halloween themed attire and for sure, you’ll be scary as hell.