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Trendy Scarf Styles For 2016

It’s the scarf’s season for all! Now that fall has once again arrived, I’m pretty sure people have now started to put on their layered clothes and scarves as their protection from the cold weather. I don’t know about you, but I personally like this season because it gives me the chance to experiment when it comes to the clothes I wear. Since fall is all about layering it up, you can also use your scarf and incorporate it in your outfit to make it look interesting again. There are actually a lot of ways that can make that good ol’ scarf the perfect topper to a killer look. Speaking of scarves, I’m going to tell you some of the trendy scarf styles you can do in order for it to compliment your outfit.

One of the best ways to work a scarf especially if you are just going to leave it untied around your neck is to wear a top that contrasts the color or design. For example, if you’re going to use a floral printed scarf, it’s better to partner it with a plain shirt or jacket that has a darker tone. Print on print is a fashion risqué that not everyone can work.

Another effective one that you can wear with dresses is the tossed aside style. If you’re not going to tie it, just toss the other end of your scarf towards your back and leave the other one right in front. You can also do it with folded scarf that will give it a look that has much more volume.

The third style is the one where you’ll fold your scarf in two and wrap it around your neck until you get the choker like look. Don’t wrap it too tightly though!

Wrap It Like A Tie – another great way to spice up your scarf is to wrap it like a good ol’ tie.  And since the scarf is much thicker than the ties we know, a more voluptuous look will come of it. It is perfect for winter too!

And do you know that scarves are also perfect for your head? If you have a scarf with amazing and bright prints then it’s perfect for donning a babushka. Not only will the headpiece keeps you warm, it is also a great protection from the sun and the wind.