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Tuxedos For Men & Women

A brief history: The first tuxedo was made in England in the late 19th century and was called as dinner jacket and was later paired with a corresponding trouser and accessories. The black and white contrast of the full suit resulted for it to be referred to as penguin suit. This fashion statement for gatherings and special events had been a custom for men ever since. Tuxedos are usually worn during weddings, balls, proms, galas and other formal events. In the twentieth century, designer companies made it possible for women to wear the outfit by designing a tuxedo with a feminine impression. Designer companies such as Versace and Ralph Lauren are examples of apparel trademarks that sell tuxedos for both sexes.

Tuxedo for men

Wearing a tuxedo gives a man confidence and a gentlemanly aura. It can boost charisma if worn with appropriate accessories such as bow ties, cuff links, studs, a shirt and most importantly a vest. Wearing shoes that has the same contrast with the whole clothing set is most suitable. Wearing a turtleneck is also a good substitute instead of wearing a shirt and vest for a different look. It is advisable to have them tailored and customized for a better fit and a design more suited for the wearer.

Tuxedo for women

Wearing tuxedo for women had been a trend in the 21st century. It emphasizes individuality and independence when worn by women. It gives an atmosphere of intelligence and straight forwardness. Tuxedos for women differ from the original design with its feminine cut and can be paired with a skirt or lady trousers. Women have more access with different clothing variations regarding tuxedos. They can match it with jeans, heels, sandals and other different clothing’s and accessories only available to women.