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Victoria Secret’s Sales Are Dropping Fast

The most sought out lingerie company has recently experienced a drop off in the market. The Victoria Secret market stumbled down as its sales dipped and apparently continuing to hit the floor.

The iconic apparel maker and the largest lingerie seller first experienced its downfall last October 2016 by a 2% drop and recently reached its 25% in January of this year 2017. Some experts say that this is due to the change of perception that Millenials are focusing nowadays. Since the advocacy of “women’s average body” has grown into a more ordinary and has opted for a more natural look, the company’s brand is experiencing a backlash for its idealism of a “perfect body.”

According to the report of Wall Street Journal, the company portrayed its purpose of a smooth and sexy, skinny and long-legged, busty woman that fits in a lingerie. However, Millenials are not liking it anymore. Women are now turned off with the brand’s ‘hypersexual marketing campaigns’ as Victoria Secret is refusing to change its styles. The brand is losing its allure and faced their outmost financial setback and continues to create an alarming dropping rate in the retail stores and even online.

The company continues to give their best as it reaches its perfection. However, it is described as “ideal for men” and not for women. Victoria Secret doesn’t own a signature of what it stands for and how it could change a person’s point of view. As some say, it depicts a false standard on what a woman’s body should have to be.

Despite the reports of VS’s downfall, the company still remains the largest selling lingerie in the United States alone. It can at least improve on its category of choices and create a more naturally attainable looks by simply rejecting traditional emblem of beauties.