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Why Zits Won’t Leave You

Don’t you just hate it when you have to go to an important party and a zit suddenly decides to pop up on your face? It’s a rude and an uninvited guest that is not up to anything else other than ruining an important moment of your life. I don’t know about you, but I absolutely hate it whenever that happens. But have you ever wondered what causes these? And why won’t it leave your face right away? Given the reasons, your facial cream might not be helpful if you won’t know why zits won’t leave you.

You are stressed – It’s understandable that in order to climb the ladder of success you have to work for it. But most often than not, we tend to overstress and that causes chemical reactions in our bodies such as our faces getting haggard and oily. And yes, oiliness is one of the primary factors that results in pimples and acnes.

You lack sleep – this is somehow related to stress. Believe it or not, when you’re sleep deprived your body doubles its production of cortisol. And cortisol is not good because it leads to the loss of collagen in your skin. And without collagen, the skin will lose its glow and moisture.

You are very exposed to pollution – are you braving the traffic every day or do you have to walk in the street welcoming all sorts of air pollution on your face? If you are then there is no doubt you will be very vulnerable to acne. And one way to protect your face from it is buying the right kind of facial products like a face mask with charcoal effect to absorb all the dirt.

You are using the wrong kind of products – Our bodies are different from each other. That means, you just can’t use products like facial creams, facial masks and makeup just because you want to. You have to have yourself checked up by a dermatologist to know if your skin is allergic to anything or if there’s a product component that can expose your skin and infect it, potentially leading to the damage of skin cells and formation of acne.